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Airline, ATC and New Entrant Operations


  • Aviation Management Associates, Inc., (AMAI) is fortunate to retain decades of executive leadership experience in ATC facility, airspace, and operational implementation of procedures and technology.  We provide specialized experience in space operations at the air traffic control system command center, UAS and UTM and LAANC development, authorizations, and certification. We also have specialized experience with UAS and manned aircraft ISR mission analysis and planning, including aircraft selection, visual and audio profiles, the circle of life parameters and coordination with aviation authorities. AMAI retains certified air transport pilot certifications, flight inspection pilots, and experience with technical and operational analysis and evaluations, procedural analysis and airport and airline business process analytics and airline information systems. AMAI brings decades of senior executive aviation weather experience in meteorological forecast and observation systems.



  • AMAI leverages former senior executives from the Department of Transportation as well as major hub airport operations and financial brokers for deep insights and knowledge regarding airport and airline fees; congestion management; competition plans; revenue diversion; loan guarantees; state taxation of airlines; airport privatization and airport improvement project grant requirements; noise requirements (?); compliance with facility charges; ATC procedures evaluations; and airport safety procedures and training for incident management, security, fire and airfield support.



  • AMAI boasts decades of experience ins all phases of integrated cockpit and aircraft navigation systems development.  Experience ranges from managing project inception, planning, specification, design and development, logistics, testing, and certification.



  • AMAI specializes in strategic planning and business development integrating public policy with system development, planning, branding, and shaping of opportunities.  AMAI brings experience in innovative acquisition strategies, innovative financing alternatives, and disciplined capture planning and execution. AMAI’s decades of consulting experience has resulted in several billions of dollars of new business capture.



  • AMAI leverages safety focused senior executive leaders who are experienced in the development and application of Safety Management Systems, particularly safety and risk analysis and mitigations.  We have detailed experience with the USAF and the FAA regarding system certifications, operational certifications, and certificates of authorization. AMAI also has operational experience in airport safety procedures, operations, and training for incident management, security and fire support.

Space Operations and Airspace
  • AMAI maintains broad experience in ATC procedures development and implementation; flight procedures development and implementation; space traffic operations including management of space launches; development of launch procedures, safety analysis, and mitigations; and space tracking development and implementation.  AMAI is well versed and active in the UTM/UAS regulatory and operational development, and has experience with flight inspections, inertial, LORAN, GPS, RNP RNAV and WAAS LPV, FAA Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) design criteria, 
Special Instrument Approach Procedure (SIAP) design, systems engineering specializing in orbit management and related systems, expertise in geodetic and geophysical effects of navigation.


  • AMAI retains significant academic and practical engineering expertise and oversight with specific experience from mission analysis through implementation of software, hardware, systems of systems, including understanding and developing detailed technical roadmaps and integrated schedules.  AMAI has specific and noteworthy experience in UAS research of off-nominal events, failure modes and mitigations, development of end-to-end simulations and implementation of some of the most complex critical infrastructure components in the world, involving automation, communications, and navigation.



aviation mod2.png

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