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Finally a Nominee!

News and commentary about aviation!

An FAA Administrator Nominee

The mess that is Remote ID

Top wines to savour on your private jet.

shot on the GoPro Hero 10, Sennheisser Microphones, Manfrotto tripod.

The top 10 wines for your private jet: 1. 2015 Chateau Garraud Lalande de Pomerol ($30). Dense and meaty on the palate, this dark garnet Bordeaux is open on the nose with black cherries and well-integrated oak flavors, and a long, warm finish. (JD) 2. 2017 Ridge Pagani Ranch Zinfandel ($37). Off-the-charts flavor intensity and depth, with striking perfume, voluptuous fruit, and magnificent balance. (AD) 3. 2016 Snowden Cabernet Sauvignon The Ranch ($50). Powerful and beautifully structured, this is a wine with gravitas, character, and balance. (AD) 4. 2014 Baigorri de Garage (Rioja) ($56). The cellar’s signature wine is an homage to “garagistes” who create a new-style rioja from longstanding traditions, featuring grapes from its oldest vineyards, some over 100 years old. (JD) 5. Château Pape Clément ($120). Striking flavors of raspberry, chocolate, and leather are extracted at a higher altitude, where this Bordeaux’s concentrated flavor and aroma profile perform best. (VWC) 6. 2016 Raymond Cabernet Sauvignon Generations ($135). Full-bodied richness, a sensational sense of opulence with no weight, ripe tannins, and incredible bouquet intermixed with spice and earthy minerality infuse this Cab. (AD) 7. 2017 Domaine Trouillet Pouilly Fuisse Coeur de Pouilly ($45). This wood-aged white wine from select parcels is textured and lined with minerality, while ripe yellow fruits are very present and developing well. (JD) 8. Gaja Rossj Bass Chardonnay ($120). Its combination of taste and smell, foundation of good acidity, and fresh and lingering finish work well in a pressurized cabin to create a rich flavor profile. (VWC) 9. Ruinart Champagnes ($70 and up). Sparkling wines contain 30 percent more aromas when the bubbles are released at a high altitude, and Ruinart Champagnes are elegant, pure, and infused with aromatic flavors. (VWC) *Air Culinaire’s John Detloff (JD), Sokolin’s Aaron Diodato (AD), VistaJet Wine Club (VWC)

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