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Charlie Keegan

Charlie Keegan

Mr. Keegan is currently the owner of Aviation Management Associates, Inc. a technical consulting firm specializing in the aerospace sector.  


Prior positions included being President of Crown Consulting a rapidly growing, highly respected and successful engineering and analytics company, serving as a highly successful and innovative Business Leader at the Raytheon Company, a tier 1 aerospace and defense firm, and several senior leadership positions at the Federal Aviation Administration.


Mr. Keegan’s energetic leadership is well known in the aviation, security, services and training

sectors exhibiting strong leadership and management skills with long-term

experience in nationwide and global workforce management. 


Mr. Keegan’s experience at the Raytheon Company,  resulted in achieving strategic captures in hardware/software technology markets in civil and military aviation. He was responsible for the highly competitive capture and execution of the Joint Precision and Landing System (JPALS) for the US Navy, Safety and Security for the GPX OCX system for the US Air Force, as well as the Wide Area Augmentation System for the Federal Aviation Administration, the strategy, capture, and execution of the satellite navigation system for India (GAGAN) and Japan (MSAS). 


While at the FAA, Mr. Keegan was Chairman of the multi-Agency Next Generation of Air Transportation planning effort and the Vice President for Operations Planning. In these simultaneously held positions, he was responsible for the development of the future aviation architecture and integrated policy for the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Commerce, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 


He also served as the FAA Associate Administrator for Research and Acquisitions, responsible for the FAA’s world-class research program and the entire annual capital budget of over $2.5B. This position also made him the Federal Acquisition Executive, responsible for all Policies related to the FAA’s independent Acquisition Management System.


Mr. Keegan has testified before Congress on numerous occasions on program and research technical, financial and operational matters.  He led a successful research program that included advanced materials research to assist in the development of the A380 and Boeing 787, resolution of the B747 center fuel tank risk of explosion, as well as, human factors training for anti-terrorist extraction. 


Mr. Keegan’s leadership roles in the FAA led the modernization of the Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic control infrastructure including successful deployments of the Display System Replacement, Standard Terminal Replacement System, Satellite Navigation, and the initial research deployment of ADS-B. These and other major initiatives were acknowledged by the award of the Gold Medal for Superior Achievement from the Secretary of Transportation.


Mr. Keegan served on the President’s Commission on Aviation Safety, Security and ATC

Modernization, led by Vice President Gore upon which he was awarded a Superior Achievement Award from Al Gore, Vice President of the United States.  He is also the elected Chairman emeritas of the Air Traffic Control Association.


Mr. Keegan received his B.S. in Air Traffic Management and Business Management from Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH. 

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